Moments of epiphany

Moments of epiphany

September 10, 2017

  • When you realize bugis and dhouby ghaut (or ang mo kio and sengkang) is just right behind one another but seems so far away when you take the mrt.
  • When you work your ass off but realize you need to do it in front of your boss, cuz everything is wayang only.
  • When you watch local dramas and realize how the content is trying to brainwash you in the little ways.
  • When you realize that the government had it all figured out, you hate following it but do it anyway. Mind blown.
  • When you don't agree with what your bosses say but you end up doing it. When you realize you are at the peak of your work life balance. Any more will require you to prioritize one over the other.
  • When you realize you have enough love for not just 1 child but all of them.
  • When you work week after week with Monday blues, midweek celebration, TGIF and Sunday last suppers. What kind of life is this really?
  • When you find out you like certain foods which turn out to originate from your dialect heritage.
  • When you realize that by the time your child is your age, you are your parents age and life has passed you by.
  • When there is so much similarities across religions that just maybe all religions are talking about the same God but interpreted differently by men.
  • When you hate and refuse to live life the way it is but realize it's a struggle breaking out of.
To have lived but never live, you are the architect of the biggest regret of your life.

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