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Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop FAQ

What is Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop?


Pressed flower resin coaster is an appealing and smart way of using clear resin stand out by addition of variety of beautiful pressed flowers and other embellishments. Due to the pressed flower resin coaster’s glossy and clear finish, resin is the most suitable medium to use as a coaster which can also provide high durability.

Pressed flower resin coasters are popular among people who adore floral decorative in their home. What's more, the pressed flower resin coaster is a means of immortalising flowers. Flowers, attached with a signifcant meaning or memory, can be permanently fronzen in time through immortalising and keep these flowers from decaying or dying with resin.

Flowers often bring about smiles and a sense of serenity among people. Natural flowers are pressed and with resin, it can be made into coasters. Flower arrangement of these flowers can be done to properly decorate your coasters.

What material do we use for Concrete Everything's Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop?


In Concrete Everything Pressed Flower Resin Coaster workshop, the Diamond Resin is used. The Diamond Resin is non-toxic, food-safe, and BPA-free. With it's medium to low viscosity property, it is an excellent medium for casting with high clarity.

Resin, in its essence, is a solid or highly viscous substance of plant of synthetic origin that is typically convertible into polymers, it is also usually mixtures of organic compounds. It is a versatile substance that can be used for a multitude of purposes

The Diamond Resin typically cures (harden) within 24hrs. This allows room for a longer potting time (working time) when you are working on your coaster, giving ample time for flower arrangement of the natural pressed flowers. Upon curing, the Pressed Flower Resin Coaster will have increased durability and strength.

What's more, with it's low viscosity, it allows for lesser surface voids (air bubbles) and low visibility of mircro-air pockets.

The pressed flowers are 100% natural and huge range of flower collections from roses, leaves to baby breaths will be provided, spoiling you with choices.

What are some uses for Pressed Flower Resin Coaster?


The Pressed Flower Resin Coaster can be used a traditional coaster such as the cup coaster, accessory holder or even soap dish holder.

With the pressed flower resin coaster, you will be in constant admiration of the beauty of the these preserved and immortalised flowers. It is perfect for a home decoration , which will brighten up your home and excites you to constantly use your coasters.

What's more, these coasters will be properly furnished, which prevents your coasters from damaging your tables and at the same time, protecting your table from the water condensation from your cups.

The pressed flower resin coaster is also long lasting and durable. It is also scratch resistant, prefect for any forms of usage.

Why choose our Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop?


The Concrete Everything Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop uses 100% natural flowers and Epoxy resin which are non-toxic, food-grade and BPA-free.

With our trained Resin Artisans, we strive towards providing the fullest experience for all our participants and to create the most unique and beautiful Pressed Flower Resin Coasters.

As an experimental studio, Concrete Everything garners many years of experiences and strives to impart all our knowledge and experiences to all our participants.

The Pressed Flower Resin Workshop is best suited for Corporate events, team building activity and family time!

What are some benefits of Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop?


In our Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop, you will be learning how to create a pressed flower resin coaster from scratch. Knowledge and experience is one key element of all our workshops - striving towards imparting all the properties and usages of the material, such as the Diamond Resin.

What's more, you will learn about the art of flower arrangement with our skilled facilitators and you will definitely create a piece that you are most satisfied with!

The Resin Casting technique is simple to learn and you may very well turn this into a hobby or activity time for your family and loved ones. Who knows, you may even turn your hobby into a long lasting career and small business! Reach out to us if you are interested here!

What's more, the Pressed Flower Resin Coaster will definitely be an unique and special gift for your loved ones and friends!

In the fast paced Singapore society and in light of economical advancements, stress may build up over time. The Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop provides an avenue of stress relieving which allows unique experience and therapeutic session - a stress reliever indeed!

What to expect in our Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop?


In the Concrete Everything's Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop, participants will be able to create TWO Pressed Flower Resin Coaster each. The resin coasters will have to take 24hrs to cure and collection of the coasters can be arranged on a separate day or delivery at a small fee. The 2hr session involves participants learning about the Diamond Resin properties, casting, flower arrangement, addition of embellishments such as 24K gold flakes, or other forms of glitters.

The Pressed Flower Resin Coaster comes in either Walled Coasters or Tray Coasters.

Every participant will be entitled to creating two Pressed Flower Resin Coaster throughout the 2-hour Pressed Flower Resin Coaster Workshop.

Material: Diamond Resin
Property of Material: 24hr curing time, Mid-low viscosity, low amount of air pockets
Facilitation: Fully guided by our experts! No additional Facilitation fee required.
Product: After 24hr curing time, you can arrange for a separate day for collection or opt for delivery at a small delivery fee.
Benefits: Hassle-free Workshops: All requirements and events planning will be fully handled by us.

Are there any limit to the number of people for Concrete Everything Workshops?


We have no capacity limit for Concrete Everything Workshops.

However, there is a minimum number of 5 pax for us to start a private Workshop.

If you have fewer than 5 pax, check out our Public Workshops!

Where will the Workshop be conducted?


For all workshops, we are able to hold workshops either at our Concrete Everything studio or On-site at your preferred venue.

Our Studio is situated at 37 Jalan Pemimpin #03-08, Mapex, Singapore 57717 (Just 5mins walk from Marymount MRT Exit B!)

For more enquiries on workshop, contact us!

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