Jesmonite Official DIY Kit Singapore

Specially curated by Concrete Everything

By Concrete Everything

Jesmonite Official DIY Kit Singapore

With Concrete Everything's years of experience with working with Jesmonite AC100 since 2018, we are pleased and excited to announce our latest launch - The Jesmonite Official DIY Kit, specially curated by Concrete Everything!

Compacted with Concrete Everything's experience and skillset, the DIY Kit has been curated for all ages and groups through beginner-friendly and easy-to-follow instructions. Our bespoke kit comes complete with all the necessary materials and equipment, making it a hassle-free and convenient experience for everyone.

First in Singapore and in ASIA!

Curated by Concrete Everything, Jesmonite Official DIY Kit has made its way to Singapore!

Exclusive Packaging

Authorised & approved by Jesmonite Pte. Ltd.

Lifetime & Unforgettable Experience

Craft like never before!

One & Only

No where in the world you will find a DIY Kit like this!

Jesmonite Official DIY Kit Singapore (Holder/Planter) - Concrete Everything

Jesmonite Official DIY Kit

Within the Box

What's special about Concrete Everything DIY Kit is that we strive to keep crafters hassle-free where all material and tool will be provided for at an amazingly affordable price.

In each kit, all essential items are provided (Instructional Guides, Jesmonite Base/Liquid, Pigments, Measuring Cup, Mould, Mixing Stick).

With the all-inclusive kit, crafters will have a hassle-free crafting experience! What's more, you will be able to purchase affordable add-ons from our Supply Store (e.g. weighing scale), providing a more complete crafting experience.