Concrete Everything Maker Studio

Make, Create, Become.

Showroom Entrance

Right at our main door is our Showroom, it is a accumulation of our conversation pieces, our best works to share with visiting clients, showcasing what we are capable of. The exchange of potential ideas with your clients begins here.

Craftsmen Work Area

Ideas, concepts, testing, this is where every idea gets crafted to life. Use the space to create, craft and learn as you bring your designs from paper to form. The area is also designed for craft workshops, able to sit at least 50pax comfortably.

Office/Meeting Space

All ideas begin somewhere and sketches are done on paper. No business survives without some administration. This is a place for emails, whatsapp and engagement with your clients, designers and team.

Storage Space

Every crafter have their essential tools, materials and equipment needed to make magic. A dedicated storage space for all of that are placed here, right where you need them.

Keen on joining our studio?