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Concrete Lamp Workshop FAQ

What is Concrete Lamp Workshop?


The Only Concrete Workshop in Singapore!

With the unqiueness of concrete, being a industrial and constructional material, no one would have imagined that this material can create breathtaking products such as the Concrete Lamp.

With it's versatality in the casting and the colour combinations, the Concrete Lamp can be created in many different shapes, sizes and colours!

In our Concrete Everything Concrete Lamp Workshop, the iconic Geometric Concrete Lamp shape is used to create all our lamps! With the geometric sides of the Concrete Lamp, it allows different standing position which can cause little twigs to the look of your Concrete Lamps.

What's more, the Concrete Lamp Workshop allows a great time of bonding with your family, friends, loved ones and your corporate teams!

What material do we use for Concrete Everything's Concrete Lamp Workshop?


In Concrete Everything Concrete Lamp Workshop, the Quick Dry Concrete is used to create the Concrete Lamp.

With the natural Concrete, it will cure (hardens) within 45 minutes. The concrete provided is a special mixture carefully prepared by Concrete Everything. The concrete mixture allows for colour addition, increased durability and concrete strength.

What's more, in the Concrete Everything Concrete Lamp Workshop, dimmable wires are provided which allows the perfect light settings fitted for your daily use! The Concrete Lamp can be used for daily lighting of the home/area, as a night light or for reading! In addition, unique bulbs are provided to give dynamic look to your Concrete Lamps. You will be able to choose from LED bulbs to Filament bulbs.

What are some uses for Concrete Lamp?


All our Concrete Lamps can be used for all types of setting, from night light to home decorations!

With just the adjustment of the dimmable switch and the different types of bulbs (LED/ filament), the ambience changes from a warm cozy atmosphere to a cool tone one.

Furthermore, as bulbs naturally undergo wear and tear when in use, it can easily and affordably be replaced with any types of lights. Our wire fittings are meant for the universal bulb fittings (E27 bulbs) which can be easilly found in any hardware store!

Why choose our Concrete Lamp Workshop?


Concrete Everything Concrete Lamp Workshop is the first and only workshop that uses concrete casting in Singapore.

With our trained Concrete Artisans, we strive towards providing the fullest experience for all our participants and to create the most unique and beautiful Concrete Lamp.

With years of experience in Concrete Casting, Concrete Everything's facilitators are experienced and specialised in Concrete and workshop facilitations.

The Concrete Lamp Workshop is best suited for Corporate events, team building activity and family time!

What are some benefits of Concrete Lamp Workshop?


In our Concrete Lamp Workshop, you will be learning how to create a Concrete Lamp from scratch. Aside from Concrete Casting, you will be able to learn how to create your own moulds for casting, giving its unique shape and size.

What's more, you will be able to learn about the uniqueness and properties of the Concrete material. Concrete, with its rustic and industrial look, is the perfect material for those who are looking into simplistic and minimalistic home decorations.

The Concrete Casting technique is simple to pick up and you may very well turn this into a hobby or activity time for your family and loved ones. Who knows, you may even turn your hobby into a long lasting career and small business! Reach out to us if you are interested here!

What's more, the Concrete Lamp will definitely be an unique and special gift for your loved ones and friends!

In the fast paced Singapore society and in light of economical advancements, stress may build up over time. The Concrete Lamp Workshop provides an avenue of stress relieving which allows unique experience and therapeutic session - a stress reliever indeed!

What to expect in our Concrete Lamp Workshop?


In the Concrete Everything's Concrete Lamp Workshop, participants will be able to create ONE concrete lamp each and bring home their masterpiece at the end of each session. The 3-hr session involves participants doing everything from scratch, from the mould creation to the appreciation of Colour theory and Concrete Casting. Participants will be able to choose from the wide variety of light bulbs we offer (LED, Filament, shapes) to best fit their lighting style.

Not only that, participants will be able to create different design patterns, from solid colours, gradients, wavy to angled.

Every participant will be entitled to creating one Concrete Lamp throughout the 3-hour Concrete Lamp Workshop.

Material: Quick-Dry Concrete
Property of Material: Quick drying and allows industrial and rustic look
Facilitation: Fully guided by our experts! No additional Facilitation fee required.
Product: You will be able to bring home one Concrete Lamp with your favourite type of light bulbs
Benefits: Hassle-free Workshops: All requirements and events planning will be fully handled by us.

Are there any limit to the number of people for Concrete Everything Workshops?


We have no capacity limit for Concrete Everything Workshops.

However, there is a minimum number of 5 pax for us to start a private Workshop.

If you have fewer than 5 pax, check out our Public Workshops!

Where will the Workshop be conducted?


For all workshops, we are able to hold workshops either at our Concrete Everything studio or On-site at your preferred venue.

Our Studio is situated at 37 Jalan Pemimpin #03-08, Mapex, Singapore 57717 (Just 5mins walk from Marymount MRT Exit B!)

For more enquiries on workshop, contact us!

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