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In Concrete Everything's Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshops, only premium material is used - Jesmonite AC100. Not only are they durable, they are also Sustainable, Quick-dry and Beginner friendly!

Read more about Jesmonite AC100 here!

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Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop FAQ

What is Jesmonite Marble Coaster?


Marbling patterns have been a trendy art and design all around the world. Marbling patterns can range from paper marbling to natural stone marbling. Marbling patterns are found most commonly in house furniture such as marble tiles and marble coasters.

In Concrete Everything's Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop, you will be able to learn about the techniques to achieve splendid marbling patterns which can fit your home decoration and at the same time, a useful product!

What material do we use for Concrete Everything's Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop?


In Concrete Everything's Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop, the marble coasters are made entirely from Jesmonite AC100. Jesmonite AC100, a trendy material amongst many crafters in the world, is a composite that can be used as a medium for many decorative objects. You can find out more about Jesmonite here!

As Jesmonite is a durable and heat-resistant material, it is a perfect medium for our Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop. Not only that, with Jesmonite's vibrant and wide array of colour selections, it will allow unique and a wide range of colours for the Jesmonite Marble Coaster. It provides an attractive and luxurious look that instantly spark up your home.

What are some uses for Jesmonite Marble Coasters?


The Jesmonite Marble Coaster has a wide variety of usages! From the traditional cup coasters, to accessory holders and soap dish holder, all will be suitable for your home!

What's more, the Jesmonite Marble Coaster will be able to brighten up your home as a home decoration that best fits your home designs.

Why choose our Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop?


Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop is a new trendy arts workshop and amongst many talented crafters. Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop allows for an excellent time to take a break from thehustle of life that allows you to be be mesmerised by the beauty of its colours. It will definitely be a good opportunity for some time of corporate bonding or family time!

In our Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop, you will learn the art of marbling with many colour theory and selections. The Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop will be fully faciliated by our well-trained artisans and Jesmonite experts that provides beginner friendly and easy to do workshop!

You will also get your hands on the top trendiest material in the world - Jesmonite AC100! Jesmonite AC100, with its versatality in the material and colours, allows crafters to acheive beautiful marbling results. Find out more about Jesmonite AC100 here!

What are some benefits of Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop?


In our Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop, you will be learning how to create Marble coasters from scratch. With the added uniqueness and colour customisations, the end product will definitely be special and meaningful to you.

What's more, by the end of our Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop, you will be going back home with your very own Marble Coaster. You will be able to impress your family and friends with the uniqueness of the Marble coasters and proudly share about your crafting experience. It is guaranteed to make you smile from the reminder of the Coaster Making experience and a conversation starter.

Who knows, this could inspire you to start a hobby or a small business in future. With the customisability of our Marble Coaster Workshop, you will have in total control of how your marble coaster will turn out to look that mataches your home decorations.

In addition, this can be a special gift for your loved ones or friends - a handmade DIY Marble Coaster.

Creating your own marble coaster through our workshop can also be a great stress reliever by allowing yourself to express your emotions through the designs of your marble coasters. It would also be able to enhance your creative and develop practical skills. By understanding the basics of learning how to make Marble coasters yourself through our workshop, you will be able to grow and understand better on knowing how to make your very own creations.

What to expect in our Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop?


Concrete Everything's Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop is a 2-hour session that will sure to immerse you in the world of crafting and creativity. Step-by-step guidance on how to create the your very own Jesmonite Marble Coasters will be conducted by our well-trained and professional facilitators.

Not only that, almost all aspects of our workshop are customisable e.g. the shapes of your coaster, colours of coaster and colours of the marbling patterns. With the wide range of Colours selection and colour theory, you will be spoilt with choices. Let your creativity go wild and join us at our Marble Coaster Workshop.

Every participant will be entitled to creating two Marbled coasters throughout the 2-hour Jesmonite Marble Coaster Workshop.

Material: Jesmonite AC100
Property of Material: Quick drying and allows vibrant colours.
Facilitation: Fully guided by our experts! No additional Facilitation fee required.
Product: You will be able to bring home 2 pieces of Jesmonite Marble Coasters.
Benefits: Hassle-free Workshops: All requirements and events planning will be fully handled by us.

What is Jesmonite?


Learn more about Jesmonite here!

Jesmonite is a diverse and composite material used in fine arts, crafts, and construction which creates a world of opportunities for anyone and everyone!

In its basic form, it is a combination of gypsum and water-based acrylic resin that was invented in the United Kingdom in 1984 by Peter Hawkins during an experiment with concrete technology. Jesmonite is alsoa sustainable alternatives as it is made from a natural material of sedimentary rocks and has low-energy manufacturing process.

It was originally designed for the construction industry to cast and laminate building but it amazed people over the discovery of highly vibrant and textured furniture designs using Jesmonite. With its rising popularity as home decor over the recent years, the material continues to charm users with its visually stunning qualities and aesthetics. It is also favoured among many sculpture artists, having many of their designs displayed in museums. Unlike other materials, Jesmonite is known for being one of the safest, sustainable and easiest to use.

Jesmonite is highly malleable and durable, which makes it one of the few suitable material and medium for many designs out in the market. One of the most popular products made from Jesmonite would be Marble Coasters as it is well known for being an on-trend product to create for yourself and quick curing time.

Are there any limit to the number of people for Concrete Everything Workshops?


We have no capacity limit for Concrete Everything Workshops.

However, there is a minimum number of 5 pax for us to start a private Workshop.

If you have fewer than 5 pax, check out our Public Workshops!

Where will the Workshop be conducted?


For all workshops, we are able to hold workshops either at our Concrete Everything studio or On-site at your preferred venue.

Our Studio is situated at 37 Jalan Pemimpin #03-08, Mapex, Singapore 57717 (Just 5mins walk from Marymount MRT Exit B!)

For more enquiries on workshop, contact us!

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