Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Concrete Everything stocked at? 

We are currently selling everything online! So check out or shop, if you are looking for something customized, hit us up and we'll consider!


What product care steps do I need to take?

Jesmonite/Concrete products

For all our products, clean with a damp cloth occasionally.  Washing is only recommended for non-electronic products. Please do not scrub the products as it might produce scratches.


Please ensure that bulbs are screwed in fully prior to switching them on. When removing a bulb, always unplug your lamp first just to be safe!

The bulbs are replaceable, and you can find them stocked at our online shop in various designs (or any cool vintage shops). Otherwise, you can also google for some alternate options. Any E27 size bulbs will fit; however, do make sure your bulb is dimmable.

Electrical Supply:

After the lamp has been properly assembled, it is OK to turn it on/off via your main switch (if it is connected via a multi-plug). There is no need to switch off the dimmer before turning off your mains.


I would like to collaborate! Who do I approach?

For all collaborations, do approach us using the contact page. We'd love to hear from you!


What workshops do you offer?

We have an exciting line of workshops listed and we are open to host a workshop for your family or company event! Drop us a note!


What is your refund/exchange policy like?

Our products are prepared prior to delivery and are 100% in good working condition. However, in the event of a damaged or spoilt product, we will take full responsibility. Please let us know via email within 7 days upon receiving the product, and we will make a 1-1 exchange. To be eligible for an exchange, your item must be in the same condition as when you received it. Your item must also be in the original packaging and you need to have a proof of purchase.


Is your business registered?

We are a locally registered business with ACRA. But more than that, Concrete Everything represents our determination to be serious about our products and services, and we sincerely hope you will be happy shopping with us.