About Concrete Everything

Concrete Everything is a local born and bred design studio that began with a passion to explore the beauty of concrete through craft and design. Since 2014, we have been crafting interesting pieces and spreading our knowledge of concrete through craft workshops. I hope you find your way around this website, a store I built up entirely from my bare hands.  If you do get around to meet me, I hope you bring home with you not just my creations, but a deeper love to pursue life with meaning.

We are makers, explorers, dreamers, and lovers of everything beautiful.

Why concrete?

I discovered concrete when I observed that construction workers were paving along my void deck without much difficulties and extensive tools, I 'borrowed' some cement, referred to a bunch of Youtube videos and began experimenting and haven't turned back since. I didn't find cement, it found me instead.

Our very first creation...

Our humble beginnings began with some leftover cement and a mould in the form of a used milk carton. With these, I created my very first product that started us on our first steps. Looking back, I have created over 200 handmade concrete products and retailed them in multiple boutique shops and across multiple online platforms. Concrete Everything has been featured in various media platforms and it has been an exciting journey for me. I am definitely looking forward to greater things ahead!