Wall Lamp Starter Kit (Advanced)

Perfect for all hands-on DIY couples looking to create a home decor for your love nest! Create your own wall lamp out of jesmonite, try out marbling or terrazzo techniques and work hand in hand together! For all beginners without any items, please get the Starter Kit with everything you need! Additional material can be found in the links below. Each lamp measures approximately 23cm in diameter.

 Please note that this kit is recommended for advanced users only, you should be familiar with casting jesmonite prior to this.

Each Wall Lamp Starter Kit come with:

  • 1x Silicon mould 
  • wire set
  • LED Bulb
  • Wall Mount set
  • Straw, to create a hole for the bulb holder


Each lamp will need 400g of jesmonite/cement to create 1 round disc. 

Items to pair with:


*You will need your own spanner 14"/adjustable spanner for this project in order to tighten the wall mount nut.

* We are working on a DIY video guide, stay tuned!