Jesmonite AC100 (Pre-Order)

Jesmonite AC100

Our go-to material of choice and in line to take over our love for concrete! We use it for all of our vibrant and beautiful marbling and terrazzo coasters, dishes and other home decor items!

Jesmonite AC100 is a water-based composite material used to make decorative moulded objects. It is safe to use and contains no solvents or vapors. It is perfect for casting decorative objects and we use it for all our marbling and terrazzo works! As compared to quick dry concrete, jesmonite is able to achieve more vibrant and interesting color combinations.

Please note that this is a pre-order listing, ETA will be approximately 1st week August. We will update you periodically as it gets shipped in so you can plan your own crafts too!


Technical Information:

Jesmonite AC100 Data Sheet


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