The Team


Reuben Khor, 32

Reuben has always had personal interest in arts and creative elements, when Alvin shared what Concrete Everything was about, Reuben found an opportunity to grow and nurture his interest in handmade products. His first experience with concrete was when he wanted to create a lamp for his friend which then grew into a deep interest of the versatility of cement. Reuben shares the company’s passion and vision of introducing people to the world of concrete, and he continues to enjoy leading workshops, sharing the expertise of the business to everyone.



Hilman Sobahri, 31

Hilman has been always keen on hands-on experiences. From a young age he has always been inquisitive and has a keen eye for detail. Having an extensive experience from home DIY solutions to leading his very own terrarium workshops, Hilman is a great asset to the team. Being introduced to the world of cement, Concrete Everything has opened his eyes into a new world of opportunities in both learning a new craft as well as pursuing his own interest in facilitation. Hilman continues to seek greater opportunities to play an integral role in the business and contributes in many ways.